Living on board

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved?

If you wish, you can take an active role on-board from volunteering for entertainment, cooking and language classes to film, IT and craft clubs. Share and hone your skills and experience.

Can children be educated on-board?

Yes! Your children can be educated on the Dark Island. From reading, writing and arithmetic, to science, art and language, as well as learning about our planned destination history and culture. A range of on-line distance learning courses are also available. Children’s activities and the Toy Box are of very of special interest for the younger generation.

Will I lose my country citizenship?

Citizenship and Residency are different matters. You can reside on the ship without losing citizenship.

What entertainment is provided on-board?

There will be a full agenda of entertainment, adventures and expeditions. From cookery school, perfume making, painting and photography courses to genealogy, movies, spa treatments, gym and fitness equipment with personal trainer, ocean adventure marina and watercraft, golf and sports, 3-D interactive, satellite multi-media television service, music and dancing, to name but a few! You’ll never be short of new things to try and experience. As well as our high quality in-house entertainment , guest speakers, entertainers and singers will highlight the agenda.

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How does the ship get in close to islands?

We use the Dark Island boats and watercraft for shallow waters. In addition for very special events and for blue sky shallow turquoise ocean water enjoyment, we will periodically charter a super yacht to take you right into the desert island areas where you can enjoy the pleasure watercraft or idle the day away on the super yacht deck.

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How are decisions taken that will affect on-board living?

Meetings will take place every 3 months where discussion on current issues will take place. There is also the daily and weekly news pod which will keep you informed and up-to-date.

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