Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on shore excursions?

In addition to visiting wonderful destinations, you can travel with one of our guides and an accompanying chef to prepare all meals. Guests can enjoy light lunches from crab salads to homemade soups and sandwiches and spend days exploring in the wild or on remote islands. With only 101 suites and limited capacity, the events and experiences are not to be missed.

Can I arrange to attend an on shore event?

In addition to the all-inclusive ship planned events and excursions, you are free to arrange your own visit to events or experience excursions at anytime, anywhere in the world. Our concierge team will be delighted to make all the arrangements on your behalf.

What happens if I am on shore and the ship leaves without me?

An identification card with the ship location and contact details will be issued to you when leaving the ship in case of emergencies. Every effort will be made to alleviate this scenario. In the unfortunate event that this might occur, arrangements will be made to meet the ship at the next port of call.

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