Suite ownership

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifetime of the ship?

The ship is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 50 years.

What happens to the ship at end of service?

At the end of this time, the vessel will be sold and the selling price distributed between the suite owners per suite value.

Can I pass on my suite to family?

Your residence is purchased outright and can be passed on to beneficiaries or sold via the Clydebuilt sales and marketing team at any time.

How can I sell my suite?

Clydebuilt sales and marketing team will handle the sale of your suite.

Can I purchase a suite as an investment?

The purchase of a Dark Island suite is a lifestyle investment. It is your suite and your choice to come and go as often as you wish.

When will the Dark Island be ready?

All going well, we anticipate our maiden voyage before the end of 2025, a continuous journey for 800 days with suites restricted to 101. Talk to our sales team about securing a suite.

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