This is your chance to explore the timeless treasures of Southern Europe and its legendary cities. Visit temples, monuments and walled cities and explore the sites of great empires and classical civilisations. Go from country to country whilst relaxing in stylish and luxurious surroundings all the way.

Journey to the breath-taking views of Italy, sample the charm of western France and northern Spain, voyage across the famous Bay of Biscay, discover Portugal’s glorious coastline and explore the vibrant cities of Lisbon, Biarritz and Bordeaux.

Balearic Islands

Visit the fantastic islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca to see lovely beaches and explore enchanting hidden caves.


Corsica is renowned as having some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Napoleon Bonaparte’s house is now a museum and full of period furniture and family portraits. A delicious combination of French and Italian cuisine can be found in Corsican dishes.


Egypt has something for everybody to enjoy. Ride through the desert on a camel, take part in sub-aqua exploration, speed through the sand dunes on an exhilarating quad bike safari, visit the enigmatic Pyramids at Giza outside Cairo or the Tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings, or simply just relax, kick back and soak up the sun, sea and surf at Sharm el-Sheikh.


France has an abundance of natural beauty and is rich in heritage including fantastic mountainous regions and stunning open landscapes. It has the ports of Cannes and Nice.


Visit picturesque Greece with its whitewashed houses perched on the hillsides. Discover Athens, the centre of the ancient world and the birthplace of civilization, rich in history and beauty. Explore the many fallen columns and architectural masterpieces, marvel at the Parthenon standing watch over Athens and visit the Acropolis Museum, sample the vibrant Athenian lifestyle with its quaint restaurants and lively nightlife and visit the site of the original Olympic Games at Olympia. One of the highlights of the Mediterranean are the Greek islands, the pleasant aromas of cypress, lemon, olive, orange and pine are intoxicating to the senses as you visit the lush landscapes. Learn about the ancient history of Athens and the traditions of Cephalonia.


Italy, the country of romance, where you can marvel at the spectacular scenery, taste the tempting cuisine and learn about the fascinating history and culture. Explore the canals of enchanting Venice strolling the historic canal-side streets or glide through the city on a gondola. Gaze at beautiful churches and Renaissance art or take in the sights of St Mark’s Square. Visit Rome and enjoy a walking tour around this historic city, packing in the Spanish Steps, The Pantheon and of course the Colosseum. Milan provides some of the most fashionable shopping in the world. Discover Italy’s stunning architecture and visit Rome to enjoy the fascinating history. The beautiful city of Venice and the lovely town of Portofino are fantastic to visit.


Sochi is renowned as the medicinal destination for so many who visit to restore their health.  This lovely city will impress you with its 19th century Russian Orthodox Church of Michael Archangel and its many Museums. From the summit of Mount Akhun you will view the outstanding panoramic views of Sochi and the spectacular coastline. Visit Stalin’s Dacha, the site of the former summer residence of Joseph Stalin and the Matsesta hot Sulphur Springs of the city’s health spa.


From Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture to stunning landscapes to vibrant cafe culture Spain offers a range of culture experiences. View the Gothic Cathedrals of Barcelona or browse the designer boutiques of Cádiz. Soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches of Alicante.  Barcelona  with its Art Nouveau architecture and Picasso Museum are fantastic and inspiring. Alicante has beautiful sandy beaches, while further afield there are lush green landscapes.


Istanbul – A city where the culture of Europe and Asia met and combine in harmony.  Follow the narrow cobbled streets of Trabzon and visit the Museum, the Ataturk Pavilion and St Sophia’s Church of this fascinating Sea Port. The Fresco-ed Sumela Monastery is 1,300mt above Sea level. See the Ottoman wonders and marvel at the ancient masterpieces. The Blue Mosque is magnificent, the Topkapi Palace was the official residence of the Ottoman Sultans and the Old City holds the greatest Byzantine and Ottoman imperial relics and treasures. The Spice Bazaar was constructed in 1663 as part of the Yeni Mosque.