Black Sea


Nessebar has some of Bulgaria’s finest beaches and an array of magnificent churches including the Church of St Stephen. There is the Monastery of St George in Pomorie and visit the historic monuments from Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine times.


Constanta is the beginning of your Romanian adventure. See the largest mosaic in Europe and visit the splendid St Paul and St Peter’s Cathedrals. Histria has one of the largest Roman mosaics in the world.


Odessa – Visit the Odessa Palaces, the Potemkin Stairs and Nerubayskoye where you can explore the catacombs which during World War II were used as underground forts by the Soviet Army.

Sevastopol – Here you can visit the sites of the first battle of the Crimean campaign, the  Khan’s Palace the residence of the Crimean Khan Sahib I Giray in 1532,  the Black Sea Navy Fleet Museum founded in 1869 by the members of Sevastopol defence of Crimean War period (1854-1855), the Panorama Museum and St Vladimir’s Cathedral.

Yalta – Hosts the Alexander Nevskey Cathedral. The Swallows nest is not to be missed. Odessa is home to the famous Potemkin Steps. The Livadia Palace was the summer residence of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II. Nikitsky Botanical Garden is one of the oldest and best botanical gardens in the world. One of the biggest wine collections in the world can be found at the Massandra Winery.