Sydney has beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens and a splendid Opera House. Bondi beach makes up part of this fantastic coastline which is host to a spectrum of events throughout the year. Not far off the Blue Mountains invite the more adventurous to a great outdoor experience.

Brisbane – Boasts the Birbie Island Butterfly House, the Queensland Museum, the Queensland Maritime Museum, the Queensland Art Gallery and the former Treasury Building with its fine architecture. There is fantastic surfing on the Gold Coast.

Cairns – Hosts the edge of the magnificent Great Barrier Reef where there is a magical underwater world to explore.

Melbourne – Plays host to incredible sporting events including the F1 Grand Prix, the Australian Open Tennis competition and the Melbourne cup.

Whitsunday Islands – Are secluded and idyllic, the shores and beaches consist of beautiful white silica sand.

New Zealand

The two islands that consist New Zealand are packed full of unique, curious areas all crying out to be explored, set against a Maori backdrop, waiting to be found.

Auckland  – Has a magnificent view revolving restaurant at the top of the Sky Tower which is 328 meters high. The Viaduct Harbour is relaxing and has a wide choice of places to relax and eat.

Christchurch – On the South Island has beautiful parks and gardens in the Cultural district. There is the Christchurch Cathedral, the Arts Centre and the Art Gallery, just some of the must see attractions along the tram system.

Dunedin – Is home to Larnach Castle and a statue of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns. The architecture of the Dunedin Railway is fantastic.

Rotorua – On the North Island is famous for its geothermal activity and has incredible hot mud pools and powerful geysers which erupts water two to three times per hour and reach heights of up to 100 metres.

Wellington – Plays host to art, film and music festivals and a visit to The Papa Museum will detail the complete history of New Zealand.


Visit Port Arthur Penal Settlement and the capital Hobart. See Donaghys lookout on the Franklin River Valley and the white Knights of Evercreech.