The Arctic Circle is awe inspiring and largely unexplored, it takes in Greenland, Iceland, Spitzbergen and Northern Norway. During the winter months you can gaze at the magnificent panoramic view of the Aurora Borealis light displays up in the Arctic sky. Take a shore excursion in the zodiac to marvel at the Polar bears and Humpback whales or take the minisub and immerse yourself in the wonders under the ice.


Reykjavik offers fantastic views of Mount Esja, the beautiful Snaefellsjokull glacier and the Atlantic Ocean. You can relax at the Blue Lagoon’s hot springs, visit the botanical gardens, play a round at the famous 18-hole golf course and visit interesting museums.


Alesund – renowned for its Art Deco architecture and built on five islands all inter-linked by bridges, it is set against a backdrop of pack ice and vast glaciers, this is a magnificent area. For the most spectacular Norwegian scenery, take a shore excursion to the beautiful Lofoten Islands.  The snowmobile safari will take you to a wilderness of snow and fantastic scenery. The Husky dog sled will take you through the pine forests and the Altadalen Valley. There is a Viking museum and the early Viking farm settlement. The polar zoo has reindeer, moose, wolverine and brown bear free to roam in their vast enclosures.